Tuesday, 11 November 2008

SIFE Leadership Weekend - Grantham 2008

SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) is an international student organisation, dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurial skills of university students in a way that is both effective in developing their future careers and meaningful to the community.

Our SIFE Salford Team is a great group of young positive and motivated people. At the moment we are working on four projects. We are trying to guarantee sustainable development of St. Sebastian Community Centre, providing Financial Literacy Programme, working with Loaves and Fishes Community Centre and organising North West Student Enterprise Conference.

We went to Grantham in Lincolnshire (near Nottingham) to integrate our team and meet other experienced team from all across the UK. It was a three day venue sponsored by companies such as KPMG, ASDA, Enterprise-Rent-A-Car, NPower or EnvirUP.

SIFE Salford Team

Some networking activities

Great activity some kind of performance square 10 meters above the ground

Best SIFE football team!

in the bar ;]

Second day just before the banquet

One more time SIFE Team

Boys, boys, boys ;]

Just after the dinner...


Spyros and me

With Jo, half Polish SIFE UK Programme Director

With Marta and Mark

Lunch before leaving Grantham (Blue team!)

With our team leader Thom! ;]

We spent three days in PGL centre in Grantham and it was a great experience and great lessons for our further SIFE activity. We charged our batteries and we are ready to act!

For more information about our SIFE team visit: www.sifesalford.org

Manchester City vs Chelsea London

Manchester City with the new owner Abu Dhabi Development Group is on the similar way as Chelsea was few years ago to be the richest club in England. With new players such as Robinho, Kompany and Jo City appeared to be a strong opponent for Chelsea team. The another interesting case was that Chelsea was very close to buy Robinho, however at the end he moved from Real Madrid to City.
First Premiership match in my life ;]

Citizens' stadium full of supporters

New player of Citizens - Robinho scored first goal

Chelsea Stand and happy players after the goal

Chelsea's defence

Chelsea hardcore supporters

Drogba, very dangerous in penalty area


Late August, together with Aga, Marta and Mario decided to spent some time on countryside. We chose Marsden as our destination. Small town surrounded by mountains, similar to our Polish Bieszczady, but not so high. The views were marvellous I remembered the junior high school times, GREAT TIMES, when our class had organised this kind of hiking trips. We had a long 4-5hours walk, rested and enjoyed a lot!

Me and Martha, o sorry Marta ;]


Dyke in Marsen

Mario and Marta FLATMATES! ;]


With Aggie ;]


Surrounded by nature


I think we went a little bit too far :)

Firing ground

View from the hill

Surrounded by heathers ;]

Polish accent (especially for Marta!)

Freedom :)

Exhausted but happy!

We really enjoyed this trip, it gave us power before the beginning of our master's degree Project Management studies at the University of Salford.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Green Weekend: Heaton Park

Last summer's long weekend we spent in Heaton Park in Manchester. We had to take two trains to get there but the park is awesome. It is huge with many facilities such as theme park, reservoirs, some kind of farm, where people can see different animals like cows, lames, goats etc. We were very lucky because we had great weather despite the fact that we are in England ;]. We played in some games like bouncing back the ball or frisbee; ate ice creams and drank beers. About 6pm we came back to home really happy that we discovered this place.

My friends:
Aga :*





Lame ;*

Mysterious gate

Old train: destination Belle Vue!




Superfast me ;]

Hug me! ;]


Mario in motion

Who's the best?

Threesome ;]


Another tree...maybe the same?

In near future I will add photos from our trip to Marsden, almost Polish Bieszczady ;]